Be Zero. Virido Concept House, Zero Carbon - Zero Rent

We've found our family of the future!

In September 2014 Hill launched a competition to find Cambridge’s family of the future; a family to live in our Virido Concept House for a year.

We received many fantastic entries; one family even wrote a poem about what it would mean to win the competition. After initial telephone interviews with all the families, a shortlist was drawn up and four families were interviewed by our panel of judges, with one family standing out.

Our winning family is home-centric with two young, energetic children and a baby on the way; the house will be used very well and no doubt tested thoroughly.

Our winning family already has some knowledge of sustainability; however they have a desire to change their habits and to gain a greater understanding of sustainable living and to lead a greener life so living at the Virido Concept House is a perfect opportunity for them.

The Concept House is one of the City’s most sustainable houses and is constructed to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5. The four bedroom house, located in the Trumpington area of the City, includes state-of-the-art green technology and will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also aims to improve the health and well-being of our family who will be part of a wider initiative to promote the construction of more environmentally friendly homes and encourage the widespread adoption of more sustainable lifestyles.

The monitoring of the concept house that we will undertake during the year that the family lives there and the valuable insight they will provide us with, will help us gain fantastic information which we will use in the design, specification and construction of 208 new homes to be built off Long Road in Cambridge, also to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5.